High-Power, and Tight, Focused, and Accurate Low End Reproduction for Professional Audio Mixing

At a Glance:

  • 2400W internal amplifier
  • Single 18” low frequency driver capable of handling up to 3400W
  • 28Hz-125Hz frequency range with 131dB maximum SPL
  • Stereo balanced inputs and outputs
  • Flexible controls for Gain, LF Adjust, Crossover, Delay and more

18″ Sub with 2400 Watts, Like Only Ocean Way Audio Can Do

Need some more boom in your room? You won’t find a better choice than Ocean Way Audio’s S18A subwoofer. It’s an amazing solution for music mixing and post production where tight, defined, and very powerful low end frequency content is a necessity.

Need your bass frequencies to be loud? The S18A provides a single 18” low frequency driver that’s powered by an internal plate amplifier, delivering an astounding 2400 watts and capable of handling 131dB maxinum SPL. But all that power is nothing without the punchy focus for which Ocean Way monitors are renowned. Turn it up, and the S18A will still sound amazing, whether its representing the kick drum in your hip-hop production or the rumble of a massive explosion in your sound-for-picture mixing.

The S18A can also be used as the low end of an amazing fixed-install live sound system. It might be the subwoofer that you’ve always dreamed of!


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Powered:Yes. Accepts analog and digital inputs.
Driver Configuration:Single 18″ aluminum cone woofer
Amplifier:Mono class D 2400W
Frequency Range:28Hz – 125Hz
Maximum SPL:131dB
Enclosure Type:Sealed
Controls:Trigger (On/Off), Gain, LF Adjust, Crossover Sweep (60Hz – 120Hz), Delay (0ms – 20ms), Input selector control.
Inputs/Output:XLR In (L/R), XLR Out (L/R), 12V Trigger (In/Out).
Dimensions:36.25”W x 28”H x 25.75”D
Weight175 lbs.

All specifications subject to change without notice.