RM1-B Ribbon Mic TEC Award: Voting is Open

By November 30, 2017OWA News


We’re very proud that our RM1-B Ribbon Microphone has been nominated for a TEC Award. For those of you who don’t know the TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Award is perhaps the most prestigious honor given to the creators of professional audio equipment, and the RM1-B is one of this year’s nominees in the “Microphones – Recording” category.

All pro audio and music industry professionals are eligible to vote, and as a fan or user of Ocean Way Audio products, you almost certainly meet the criteria. We respectfully request that if you’re going to vote for an innovative, high-quality microphone, the RM1-B offers the greatest magnetic field strength ever available in a ribbon mic, with an all discrete circuit and an output level comparable to the quietest condenser mics. We’d appreciate your vote for the RM1-B… why not do it now?

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