The Ocean Way Audio Solution for Immersive Audio

Pro3s at a Glance:

  • Designed to serve as both surrounds and height channels for your immersive audio mix setup
  • Passive loudspeaker design
  • Easy to mount at just 14″ x 9″ x 6″, 15 pounds each
  • Handles your immersive mixes and listening sessions with 110dB maximum peak SPL
  • Frequency response of 50Hz-22kHz
  • Works perfectly in an immersive setup with other Ocean Way immersive speakers like the HR3.5 Reference Monitor and S212 Subwoofer


The Ocean Way Audio Pro3s is compatible with Crown DCi DriveCore Series amplifiers. This ZIP Archive (303kb) provides the Pro3s preset for both the four-channel DCi4 and eight-channel DCi8 Crown DriveCore amplifiers.

Take the Next Step into Immersive Audio with Ocean Way!

The Pro3s is Ocean Way Audio’s solution for professional-level immersive audio mixing and playback. These compact speakers are designed to serve as both surrounds and height channels for your immersive audio mix setup. At just 14″x9″x 6″ (35.5×22.9×15.2cm) and weighing only 15 pounds (6.8kg) each, the Pro3s is a passive loudspeaker that can be used with mounting brackets that affix to walls or ceilings with ease.

Don’t let the small size of the Pro3s mislead you; each speaker is capable of delivering 110db of maximum peak SPL, allowing you to listen in a rich immersive field that provides Ocean Way Audio’s acclaimed accuracy and sonic resolution with no hype. And with a frequency response of 50Hz-22kHz, the Pro3s – in combination with other Ocean Way immersive speakers like the HR3.5 and subwoofers like the S212 – is the basis for a truly world-class immersive monitoring system.

The Pro3s has a high frequency driver that makes use of a high definition silk fabric dome design with excellent mechanical linearity. Its LF driver uses a geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with a vented cast aluminum chassis, yielding optimum strength and “high-power linearity”. Specifically designed for mixing in multichannel immersive audio, the Pro3s offers minimal reflection, high resolution and low listening fatigue over the entire audio spectrum.

For mounting the Ocean Way Audio Pro3s on walls, ceilings, or other fixtures, we’ve made it compatible with the Precision SM-UM1 Speaker Swivel, with a tilt function that has built-in locking teeth and a pan knob for precise angle adjustments.

The Pro3s is designed for use with the Crown® DCi 8|300 eight-channel, 300W analog power amplifier, which has presets for the Pro3s.


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Driver Configuration:2-way
HF Driver:1” Silk Dome
LF Driver:6”
Analog Inputs:Stereo Binding Posts
Frequency Range:50Hz-20kHz
Enclosure Type:Sealed
Maximum Peak SPL:110dB
Dimensions:9” W x 14”H x x 6”D
Weight:15 lbs.

All specifications subject to change without notice.