Pro2A Reference Monitor “Quick Review” in Audio Video SA

By November 7, 2018OWA News

Our Pro2A Reference Monitor just received an outstanding review in Audio Video SA, one of South Africa’s leading resources of audio and video product news and information. You can read the entire review here.

In the succinct review, writer Deon Schoeman says, “Seated in the listening chair, less than 2m away from the speakers, I was astounded by the openness and accessibility of the sound, which seemed completely devoid of any identifiable point source. The music image was spread wide and deep, with an uncanny ability to pinpoint the exact location of each voice and instrument on the soundstage. As clichéd as the description may be, the sound was believably, immersively three-dimensional. I had expected the Pro2A’s to be clinically precise and unflinchingly revealing, and yes, they did open up a big, wide window on the music. But there was nothing uncompromising or overly analytical about the delivery: the sound had an almost tactile presence and an engaging realism that made the music come alive.”

The Ocean Way Audio Pro2A is available now at your Ocean Way dealer or international distributor.

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