After having received such positive responses to our larger speaker systems, we were asked for a design to fit smaller spaces yet still deliver full range accurate reproduction. With that in mind we are excited to introduce Sausalito, the newest member of our high-bandwidth speaker systems. Sausalito represents a new step forward, achieving efficient distortion-free dynamic range in an aesthetically appealing profile. As with all of our systems, Sausalito allows the listener to move around the room and hear the same natural, open and accurate image. It is a highly refined three-way reflex design that incorporates a new midrange and tweeter. The crossover has been updated to accommodate these changes, while the cabinet features a sleeker design to maintain time alignment, reduce baffle reflection and new materials to minimize low frequency resonance. We feel the artistic sophistication of this styling is reminiscent of the California city it was named for.

Download Specs Come see Sausalito at CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 6th - 8th


  • Tweeter = 1″ fabric dome with ferro fluid cooling and low resonant frequency.
  • Mid = 8″ geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with shorting-ring motor and cast aluminum frame
  • Woofer = 12″ aluminum cone, low distortion triple shorting-ring motor and cast aluminum frame
  • Crossover freqs = 160Hz & 1850Hz, 3rd order filters
  • Efficiency = 85db
  • Crossovers utilize Solen caps, Jantzen Inductors, Mundorf and Mills non-inductive resistors. All components hand matched to .1% tolerances for best imaging.

Dimensions and Weight:

Each cabinet:

  • 42 inches tall
  • 16.5 inches wide
  • 22.75 inches deep
  • 148 lbs