Ocean Way Rocks High End Munich 2017

By May 26, 2017OWA News

Last week, we headed across the Atlantic over the Munich, Germany, where High End 2017 was happening. The High End Show is the international place to be for all creators and aficionados of the world’s best high-fidelity audiophile listening environments. Ocean Way Audio was at the show to not only display our acclaimed current line of high-fidelity loudspeakers, but also for the global introduction of our new top-of-the-line speaker, Monterey.

Partnering in a booth at the show with the world-renowned amplifier maker Viola Audio Laboratories, Ocean Way was constantly busy throughout the event, which ran from May 18-21. Over 500 exhibitors were showing their wares at High End Munich 2017, but Ocean Way Audio was undeniably one of the hit booths at the show. Having our founder and CEO Allen Sides there at the booth to personally showcase our products was probably one of the big draws… after all, it’s not every day that audiophiles get to meet that man who recorded some of the most popular albums in history that have sold in excess of one billion copies! Ultimately, though, they came by our booth to check out our Eureka and new Monterey loudspeakers.


Outside of the sonically-treated demo room where Ocean Way Audio and Viola Labs partnered for the High End Munich 2017 show.

Inside the demo room, visitors to our booth got to experience some of the world’s finest audio thanks to our new Monterey speakers paired with Viola amplifiers and preamplifiers.

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