Noisematch Studios Feature Ocean Way Audio Monitor System

By November 21, 2019OWA News

Pictured is the Noisematch control room featuring Ocean Way Audio HR2 Monitors. Photos by Alexander Campos, Jr.

Miami, FL, November 2019 – Noisematch Studios is an enterprising new facility designed by the Malvicino Design Group and built from the ground up in Miami, Florida. It features an SSL Duality SE 48 console and the massive Ocean Way Audio HR2 Tri-Amplified monitoring system. Noisematch is a 2020 nominee for the TEC Award in the Studio Design Project category.

Studio designer Horacio Malvicino worked closely with producer/engineer Alex J. to create the new facility in the heart of Wynwood, Miami, popular for its booming art gallery scene and high-end restaurants. The studio features a recording environment suitable to a wide variety of musical styles, with complete video production available on site.

“Horacio is very exacting when it comes to the integration of the gear and the acoustics,” says Alex J. “In the live room, it’s all about the design that creates the best sound you can get from that space. And in the control room you want that perfectly clear reproduction of the music that you are working on.”

Noisematch’s monitors include the Ocean Way Audio tonal balance equalization system and electronic crossover with a frequency response of + /- 2dB 18Hz – 20kHz. Featured are High Frequency horns with 120 degree by 40-degree dispersion, Mid Bass horns with 120 degree by 40-degree dispersion, and High Frequency 1″ drivers with aluminum voice coils and 1″ throats. The Mid Bass woofer is 15″ with an aluminum voice coil, and the Sub Bass woofer is 18″ with aluminum voice coil.

“We designed and tuned the control room for the HR2’s as the main set of speakers,” says Alex J., “because the fidelity is so high and the frequency response is clear all across the whole spectrum. The sound is bold, but it’s a very natural, transparent, and after long hours of working, it’s not fatiguing.”

Ocean Ways’ hefty HR-2A top cabinets weigh 250 lbs., while the HR-2B bottom cabinets weigh 150 lbs. The system includes custom Ocean Way electronic equalizers with tuned and aligned electronic crossover. Sommer Cable is used both internally for the cabinets and also from the amps to the cabinets, respectively Elephant Robust SPM440 cable and SC-Twincord cable.

“If I’m doing something like acoustic jazz, I’m very demanding about the mid-range and the presence,” Alex J. continues, “or the depth and the bass I’m going for in hip hop or urban music and making sure that there’s nothing that sounds muddy. It’s like working with a really high-end surgical tool when it comes to the audio.”

Additional gear includes ATC and Yamaha NS-10M nearfield monitors, vintage McIntosh MC250 power amplifier, Lynx Aurora DAW Interfaces, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, API, and Bricasti. Also onsite is a Yamaha C7 grand piano, Fender Rhodes, and Yamaha drums.

“I totally trust these HR2’s,” concludes Alex J. “If I listen to them and I make a decision in that room, I don’t have to do any retouching whatsoever after the fact.”

Learn more about Noisematch Studios here.

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