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Steven Slate Installs Ocean Way Audio Monitor System

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Steven Slate is pictured with his Ocean Way Audio monitors in his Los Angeles studio. Photos by David Goggin.

Los Angeles, CA, October 2019Steven Slate, producer, engineer, and CEO of Slate Digital and Slate Pro Audio, has installed the Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 monitor system in the recording/mixing/testing studio of his LA headquarters.

“This is where every Slate Digital product gets tested and approved,” says Slate. “It’s is a really important listening environment for us because this is where the tools that the industry uses are finalized. We needed an exceptional monitoring reference because the tweaks we make on our products here are going to be essential and critical choices for our products worldwide.”

The Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 stand-alone or soffit-mounted monitor speaker system delivers a frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz with a solid SPL of 120db. The HR3.5 Reference Monitor incorporates an integrated 2-way dual-horn system with a l” HF and 8″ MF drivers, mechanically time-aligned with twin 12″ sub-bass drivers per channel.

Slate elaborates on the details, “For one thing, we actually have a true low end. It’s important for me to make sure I hear what our plug-ins are doing in the 40-100kH range, a very critical area. It needs to be delivered in reference quality. It has to have the proper dynamics, the proper detail, and the Ocean Way 3.5’s really deliver in that area. If I’m tweaking how the transformer harmonics and a certain plug-in sound, that is a critical area which has to be accurate, and it has to be trustworthy. The top end is pleasant and not overly accentuated. It’s accurate, dynamic, and it’s reference quality. I need to trust what I’m hearing, and the top and the bottom on these speakers deliver just what I need.”

State-of-the-art A-4100 amplifiers included by OWA power the HR3.5 with both analog and digital inputs, 96 kHz and 24-bit sampling, tri-amped delivering 3,400 watts per channel of pure power. At the heart of the acoustic design is OWA’s geometrically complex, stone-casted dual/hybrid waveguide system.

“Tweaking and calibrating our plug-ins requires a truly accurate monitoring system,” Slate continues “I love my HR 3.5’s and they come with a guarantee, that Allen Sides legacy, designed not just by a technical designer, but a creative designer who’s worked extensively and made fantastic records. An important part of the decision to install these monitors was knowing the designer behind them.”

The HR3.5 system delivers accurately matched and detailed imaging with Ocean Way’s signature, unusually wide 100×40 degree horizontal and vertical dispersion, yielding a massive sweet-spot across a broad area of the listening environment. The consistency of its stereo image, even at the far corners of the room, is due to the highly-consistent directivity response of the unique speaker system construction.

Scott Litt Remixes R.E.M.’s “Monster” for 25th Anniversary Reissue

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Litt Installs New HR4S Ocean Way Audio Monitoring System

Los Angeles, CA, September 30, 2019 – Renowned engineer/producer Scott Litt recently installed Ocean Way Audio’s HR4S monitor system in his Venice, CA recording studio. Litt, who works mainly with artists in the alternative rock genre, is best known for producing six R.E.M. albums during the band’s most successful period.

R.E.M. have announced a massive 25th reissue of their 1994 album “Monster”, the latest in the band’s ongoing series of 25th anniversary archival reissues. The six-disc reissue will be released on November 1 and includes a new mix of the album by its original producer Scott Litt.

“In the many years I worked with R.E.M., the most difficult album for me personally to complete was ‘Monster’,” says Litt. “Which is ironic because in many ways it was the simplest musically. Through the passing years I’ve always wanted to take another shot at mixing it, and I thought the 25th anniversary would be the perfect time to do so. The original mixes are included in the package — I thought of this as an added bonus. I tried to take a simpler approach on the remix, to let the music speak for itself, without added effects and overdubs. The first album I was lucky enough to do with the band was ‘Document’ and I believe the new mixes are a throwback to that era. And the monitoring system in my studio helped me to achieve that.”

Litt’s new Ocean Way Audio HR4S monitor package includes HR4 speakers with the 800-watt two-way, side-ported S12A studio sub for extended low frequency monitoring, resulting in an ultra-wide horizontal sweet spot.

“I’ll give you a little background about these speakers and my experience with Allen Sides and Ocean Way,” explains Litt. “I started as an engineer at Power Station in New York in the late 70s, a very famous studio in its day. Bob Clearmountain was our chief engineer, while Neil Dorfsman, James Farber, Larry Alexander, myself, and a number of great engineers came through there.”

At the heart of the acoustic design of Litt’s HR4S is a dual/hybrid waveguide system delivering a 100×40 degree window. Its proprietary design is realized with the aid of high-grade, 3D solid modeling. This process allows for creating geometrically complex surfaces that produce accurately matched and detailed imaging within the system.

“When I decided to relocate to California,” Litt continues, “I did the rounds of a number of studios, and as soon as I walked into Ocean Way it felt like home to me. I was a little bit of a sound snob, coming from what you think is the best studio in the world, but Ocean Way became my new home. The first project I did there was the first Indigo Girls record.”

Litt is also well known for his work with Nirvana, for whom he mixed the singles “Heart-Shaped Box” and “All Apologies” from the 1993 album In Utero, and the posthumous release “MTV Unplugged” in New York (1994).

“Ocean Way became my home for a number of years, even to the point where the guys actually built a room for me there, and I put in a Neve 8068 console. I did a number of projects there, including some REM and Nirvana mixing. I have a long history with Ocean Way, and so it was par for the course for me to make the jump to this HR4S system.”

The prolific Litt has also worked with Bob Dylan, Liz Phair, Juliana Hatfield, Indigo Girls, Paul Kelly, New Order, The Replacements, Patti Smith, Counting Crows, and Ziggy Marley, among numerous other influential and respected artists.

“I am absolutely delighted with the HR4S speakers,” Litt concludes. “They sound perfect for this room. They adjust well. People love them. What’s great is that the splay of them is just perfect for a room this size, where one walks around and it sounds even throughout the room. They’re just bright enough, and loud enough, that you can work a nice long day without fatigue. I am super pleased.”

Sweetwater Adds New Ocean Way Videos: RM1-B and Pro2A

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Let’s face it; there are few success stories in the musical instrument and pro audio retail environment like that of Chuck Surack and Sweetwater Sound. Per a recent article in CNN Business, the company, which just passed its 40th year in operation, was started by Chuck in a VW bus in 1979. Today, Sweetwater is a $725 million empire that delivers not only the best in pro audio gear, but offers excellent service along with all the music and audio tools they sell.

Recently, Sweetwater has created two videos on Ocean Way Audio products that they sell. Check them out below, and get in touch with Sweetwater to purchase any Ocean Way product they offer.

T.H.E. Show 2018

June 7-9: See Ocean Way at T.H.E. Show (Long Beach, CA)

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If you’re in Southern California and consider high-end music and home entertainment systems important in your world, we have a tip for you. The T.H.E. (The Home Entertainment) Show is happening in June, and it’s open to the public (tickets are available here). T.H.E. Show connects music, entertainment and tech aficionados, trade professionals and media from around the world in an integrated state-of-the-art exhibit showcasing the latest products and innovations from industry-leading brands.

As we did last year, we’re teaming up with our friends at AGD Productions, makers of high-end amplifiers products. You’ll find us both in Room 408 at T.H.E. Show, where Ocean Way Audio will be showing our Monterey loudspeaker system. Monterey offers a proprietary 3-way dual/hybrid waveguide system, with an ultra-wide horizontal sweet-spot and rich detail across a broad area of the listening zone. Monterey’s twin 12” LF drivers with ported enclosure deliver solid, ample and tight bass response, and these audiophile-quality speakers are available in many custom finishes, from piano high gloss to fine woods. For more information on Monterey, call us at 818-847-8757 or email

T.H.E. Show runs from June 7-9, 2019. Makes plans to come by Room 408 and get a demo!

T.H.E. Show
June 7-9, 2019
Hilton Long Beach
701 W Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90831

OWA Receives “Best Room” Award at AXPONA 2019

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Ocean Way Audio is proud to have been named a “Best Room” at the 2019 AXPONA Show. Held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL from April 12-14, AXPONA is the Audio Expo North America show, and is considered one of the key international events for the community of high-fidelity audio enthusiasts, showcasing more than 185 listening rooms. At the show, Ocean Way was demonstrating our Monterey loudspeaker system.

Monterey being exhibited at AXPONA 2019. Photo courtesy of

Per a report by Rick Becker at, the Monterey system was one of the highlights of the entire event. “Music through the Ocean Way Audio horn loaded Monterey speakers ($34,000) created by multiple Grammy Award winner Allen Sides was dynamic, transparent and very well focused producing a “you are there” experience. This was certainly one of the most interesting and probably one of the Best Rooms at the show.”

Monterey offers a proprietary 3-way geometrically-complex, stone casted dual/hybrid waveguide system. It gives listeners an ultra-wide horizontal sweet-spot with rich detail across a broad area of the listening zone. At the show, Monterey demos were given by Ocean Way Audio founder and speaker designer, multiple Grammy winner Allen Sides.

April 12-14: See Ocean Way at AXPONA 2019

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If you’re in the Chicago area and are an aficionado of the finest audio products and technologies, head over to the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center this weekend for the Audio Expo North America show, also known as AXPONA. You’ll find Ocean Way Audio at Booth 1418, with multiple Grammy-winning audio engineer and loudspeaker designer Allen Sides showing some of our finest high resolution monitoring systems including Monterey.

Monterey offers a proprietary 3-way geometrically-complex, stone casted dual/hybrid waveguide system. It gives listeners an ultra-wide horizontal sweet-spot with rich detail across a broad area of the listening zone.

Tickets for AXPONA are available onsite, and more info is available on the AXPONA web site here.

Axpona 2019 Show
April 12 – 14, 2019
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center
Schaumburg, IL

April 2-5 2019: OWA at Musikmesse 2019

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Musikmesse, Europe’s biggest trade fair for the music industry, is coming right up at the start of April, and Ocean Way Audio will be there in a big way! If you’re planning on attending the show, you’ll find us at Halle 8.0, Stand G25.

What can you expect to see when you come by our booth? Allen Sides, Ocean Way Audio founder and CEO, will be there in person, doing demos of our acclaimed line of studio loudspeaker products including the Pro2A, the HR4S, and the HR3.5 System. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Ocean Way Audio’s RM1-B Ribbon Microphone, which offers the greatest magnetic field strength ever available in a ribbon mic.

We welcome you to come by and ask Allen your questions about these fine products, or to chat with him about the studios he’s designed and the long list of hit records he’s worked on. We look forward to seeing you there!

Audio Video SA Review: Pro2A Studio Monitor

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After doing a short “quick review” last fall, Audio Video SA has just come out with a complete and thorough review of our compact yet extraordinary Ocean Way Audio Pro2A Studio Monitor. Well written by audio expert and editor Deon Schoeman, you can read the entire review here, and check out some snippets below.

“Close your eyes, and it’s impossible to pin-point where the monitors are relative to the soundstage – and predictably they sound much larger and more tonally generous than the actual devices.”

“The Pro2As may be compact, but they were well up to the challenge of recreating (Jean-Michel) Jarre’s vast and intricately rendered soundscapes. Not only that, but they were able to unravel the density and complexity of the music in a way that was almost magically revealing.”

“In fact, overall tonality was remarkably neutral, with a linearity that extended from low to high with a natural eloquence that contributed to the realism and believability of the music. Upper trebles were crisp and lucid, imparting precision and accuracy, but steering clear of becoming harsh or fatiguing.”

“They not only offer exceptional tonal breadth and dimensionality, but thanks to their carefully matched on-board amplification, also have the pace, punch and attack to match.”

Get more information and see our full specifications on the Pro2A here.

Dealer Spotlight: VOIX (Prague, Czech Republic)

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At the end of September, a beautiful new showroom and luxury audio store opened in Prague, Czech Republic. Based on its outstanding design and wide selection of equipment, VOIX is destined to become one of Europe’s premier destinations for those who appreciate the absolute best in audiophile gear. We’re proud that VOIX is carrying Ocean Way Audio’s excellent selection of loudspeaker products.

With the store and showroom, VOIX offers its customers an area of ​​nearly 600 square meters of luxury audio and video equipment of the best brands. Visitors can also enjoy the depth and clarity of the tones in the listening rooms, or relax in a tailor-made mini cinema. For more information, visit the Voix web site.

Dušní 3, Praha 1
Prague, Czech Republic

The mini-cinema at VOIX featuring an impressive Ocean Way Audio system that includes HR3.5 LCR screen channels, S212A LFE channels, our HR4 side and rear surrounds, four PRO2AS ceiling surrounds, and S12A MKII surround bass management.

Here’s what’s behind the screen!

The view of VOIX from outside.

OWA Dazzles Attendees of 2018 Tokyo International Audio Show

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Held in the always-lovely city of Tokyo, Japan from November 16-18, 2018, this year’s Tokyo International Audio Show was a big hit for Ocean Way Audio! The exhibition, held at the Tokyo International Forum, was presented by the International Audio Society of Japan, and consisted of 35 acoustically-sealed rooms, offering an ideal listening environment for playback demonstrations of Ocean Way Audio products including our acclaimed Monterey high-fidelity loudspeaker.

Visitors to our demo room — which was packed throughout the show — were thrilled to get a personal demo from Ocean Way’s founder and CEO, the famed speaker designer and Grammy-winning producer/engineer Allen Sides. We hope everyone who attended the Tokyo show enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to our next opportunity to show off our finest equipment at this prestigious event!

Allen Sides discusses the development of the Monterey high-fidelity speaker system at the 2018 Tokyo International Audio Show.

Getting a personal demo from Allen Sides, who has been involved in some of the top-selling recordings in history, is a treat for visitors to the Tokyo show.