Powerful, Natural, Open, and Accurate

Ocean Way Audio’s award-winning collection of high-fidelity speakers has grown with the introduction of a remarkable new audiophile speaker: Monterey.
Monterey is a beautifully-designed, master quality, highly efficient, distortion-free loudspeaker that comes from the mind of five-time Grammy® Award-winning engineer, producer, and recording studio designer Allen Sides. Many of the thousands of recordings created by Mr. Sides have become audiophile classics. He has worked with a list of the most respected and popular musical artists of the last 30 years. Albums recorded in Mr. Sides’ studios have sold hundreds of millions of copies. His hearing capabilities enables our engineers to translate every sonic nuance, bringing a new dimension and understanding to what is possible in high-end speaker design. His ears are our final design tool.


  • Proprietary 3-way geometrically-complex, stone casted dual/hybrid waveguide system
  • Available in many custom finishes from piano high gloss to fine woods
  • Ultra-wide horizontal sweet-spot with rich detail across a broad area of the listening zone
  • Unmatched Horz/Vert Directivity 100 H / 40 V Degree Dispersion, 20Hz to 25 kHz
  • 1” HF driver, with an 8” LF geometrically reinforced aluminum cone driver
  • Twin 12” LF drivers with ported enclosure delivers solid, ample and tight bass response
  • Proprietary Ocean Way active voicing module ensures our famous Ocean Way sound
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Ocean Way Audio Monterey, shown with LF driver grill cover.

Like many Ocean Way Audio speaker products, custom finishes may be available to match the decor of your listening environment. Contact us for details.

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Monterey incorporates an integrated two-way dual-horn system with a 1” HF and 8” MF drivers, mechanically time-aligned with twin 12” sub-bass drivers per channel. The system delivers accurately-matched and detailed imaging with our unusually wide signature 100×40-degree horizontal and vertical dispersion, yielding a massive sweet-spot across a broad area of the listening environment. The consistency of Monterey’s stereo image, even at the far corners of the room, is due to the highly-consistent directivity response of this unique and powerful speaker system.

Monterey allows the listener to move nearly anywhere in the room and hear the same natural, open and accurate image.  Its highly-refined reflex design incorporates our acclaimed midrange and high frequency balanced design.  We braced the loudspeaker’s interior, minimizing cabinet flexing and reducing baffle reflection, resulting in minimum low frequency resonance. The cabinet’s sleek, contemporary design beautifully maintains time alignment. The system is driven by twin analog amplifiers.

Our HF driver is encased in ferrofluid, yielding increased power handling capacity and dampening resonance in the dome for a silkier, natural sound. The MF driver is based on a geometrically-reinforced aluminum cone with a vented, cast-aluminum chassis, yielding optimum strength and low compression. Our LF driver delivers tight, accurate bass that you can feel. All component parts for Monterey are chosen through rigorous listening trials.

As with every Ocean Way Audio speaker, Monterey has our signature pinpoint imaging, clear definition, sonic delicacy and shocking dynamics that make it the ideal loudspeaker for everything from a whisper to shattering crescendo. Listen to the thrilling sound qualities of Monterey, and sense the beauty of music.


Powered: MF&HF 100-250 watts / LF 350-2500 watts
Amplifier: Two Amplifiers, Bi Amp
Driver Configuration: 3-way, compression driven horns/waveguides
HF Driver: 1” Fabric Dome / Ferrofluid
MF Driver: 8″ Aluminum cone
LF Driver: Twin 12” aluminum cone
Passive Crossover: Between MF&HF
Active Crossover: Between LF&MF
Frequency Range: 20Hz-25kHz
Efficiency: 89dB
Enclosure: Bass reflex
Height: 45.25”
Width: 17.5”
Depth: 26″
Weight: 202 lbs.

All specifications subject to change without notice.