HRA: Large-Format High Resolution, High Fidelity Loudspeaker for the Most Discerning Home Listening Environments

At a Glance:

  • OWA Unique Constant Directivity Horn (shown in frosted acrylic; wood options available)
  • Magnetic Grill Frames

Custom Finish Choices Available

Like many Ocean Way Audio speaker products, custom finishes may be available for HRA to match the decor of your listening environment. Contact us for details.

Spectacular in Sound and Vision… A Listening Experience Like No Other

The Ocean Way Audio HRA loudspeaker is designed for audiophiles who demand a no-compromise solution for the very best in listening environments, including music aficionados, home theater enthusiasts, and more. With the HRA system, each component is meticulously chosen and matched for optimal performance. The result is a listening experience like no other, with razor-sharp imaging, full frequency response, and wide dynamic range with a maximum SPL that soars to 120 dB.

At close to six feet tall and over two feet wide, HRA becomes a centerpiece of your music and entertainment experience. Perfect for large listening environments in both music and theater, HRA makes the statement that no compromises are accepted for your audio playback systems. Combining form and function, HRA can be customized with exotic wood veneers and optional backlighting to create your ultimate home audio and entertainment environment.

HRA comes from the mind of five-time Grammy® Award-winning engineer, producer, and recording studio designer Allen Sides. Many of the thousands of recordings created by Mr. Sides have become audiophile classics. He has worked with a list of the most respected and popular musical artists of the last 30 years. Albums recorded in Mr. Sides’ studios have sold hundreds of millions of copies. His hearing capabilities enables our engineers to translate every sonic nuance, bringing a new dimension and understanding to what is possible in high-end speaker design. His ears are our final design tool..


Ocean Way Audio HRA with grill. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HRA (grill removed). Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HRA back panel. Click to enlarge.


Driver Configuration:2-way
HF Driver:1″ compression driver
LF Driver:Twin 15″ woofer
Crossover:Active crossover/voicing module
Directivity:100 / 40 degrees
Maximum SPL:125db continuous
Frequency Response:Overall 23 Hz to 25 kHz ±1dB
Enclosure:Bass reflex
Dimensions/Weights:• Overall w/feet – 67”H x 27.75”W x 20.25”D, 516 lbs./channel
• Top cabinet – 26”H x 27.75”W x 26”D, 156 lbs.
• Horn cabinet – 6.75”H x 27.75”W x 25.75”D, 106 lbs.
• Bottom Cabinet – 26”T x 27.75”W x 26”D, 162 lbs.
• Plinth – 6.75”T x 27.75”W x 20.25”D, 87 lbs.

All specifications subject to change without notice.