One of the Most Respected Studio Main Monitors in History, with All the Accuracy You Expect from Ocean Way… Now Even Louder!

At a Glance:

  • 3400 watts/channel of pure power
  • A-4100 Amplifier: Tri-Amplifier w/OWA Voicing Module & 15’ cables
  • Up to an astonishing 132db SPL with world-class sonic performance
  • 2” HF 125 watt driver with aluminum voice coil, 15“ Mid Bass 3400 watt driver, 18” Sub Bass 3400 watt driver per channel
  • High Frequency horn with a 90 degree by 40 degree dispersion
  • Digital & analog inputs, accepting 24bit / 192kHz data streams
  • Frequency response: ±2dB 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Can be set up free-standing or soffit-mounted with supplied remote amplifiers
  • Also available with an additional 18” Sub Bass cabinet as the HR3-FLX

HR3-FL: The Main Monitoring System for Pro Recording Studios and Discerning Audiophiles that Like It Loud

Designed as the main monitoring solution for professional studios where excellent sound at high volume is a requirement, the Ocean Way Audio HR3-FL is the monitoring solution you’ve always wanted. The HR3-FL offers plenty of raw power, coupled with impressive dynamic range and a matched uniform frequency response between channels. Finding the “sweet spot” is never a problem with the HR3-FL. It provides very smooth off-axis response from its 15“ mid bass driver, allowing for a very wide listening window. The HR3-FL’s 18” sub woofer also produces extended and detailed low end down to 20Hz.

Many loudspeakers have tried to replicate the experience of listening to music created in the award-winning studio facilities that Ocean Way designed. No other main monitor speaker system can reproduce the essence of this experience like the Ocean Way HR3-FL. Its brilliant horn design, exceptionally wide bandwidth low distortion drivers, and tri-amplified and equalized electronic package are second to none.


Ocean Way Audio HR3-FL. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR3-FL. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR3-FL. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR3-FL. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR3-FLX. Click to enlarge.


Powered:Yes. Accepts analog/digital inputs 24 bit/96 kHz
Driver Configuration:3-way, compression-driven horns/waveguides
HF Driver Size/ Amp:2”/500W per channel
MF Driver Size/ Amp:15″/500W per channel
LF Driver Size/ Amp:18″/2400W per channel
Amplifiers:Rack-mountable, Soffit or Free Standing installations
Horz/Vert Directivity Ctr:90 / 40 degrees
Frequency Range:±2dB, 20Hz-20kHz
Maximum Peak SPL:132dB
Enclosure Type:Ported
Dimensions (top cab):28″W x 34.5″H x 29”D
Dimensions (bottom cab):28″W x 32″H x 24.5”D
Weight:190 lbs (top), 165 lbs (bottom)