The Ultimate Custom-Designed Ocean Way Audio Main Speaker System for Commercial Recording Facilities, Cinemas, and Large Scale Home Theater Environments

Four way quad amplified high resolution monitor system which includes the Ocean Way tonal balance equalization system and electronic crossover.


HR1: No Limits

The best description of the HR1 Monitor system might simply be “No Limits”. If you desired the absolute best horn system ever built with bandwidth from 18Hz to 25kHz, unlimited dynamic range, ultra low distortion, incredible wide dispersion – and size and price were not a consideration – you would have the HR1. All these characteristics plus a completely natural sound without a trace of harshness makes the HR1 truly unique in the world. There is nothing made anywhere that looks, sounds and performs like this system.

We originally designed this no holds barred system for Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, but we also needed a world class monitor system that would satisfy our discerning clients that mix major theatrical motion pictures, such as Avatar, The Battle of Los Angeles and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

From the audiophile prospective the HR1 provides a very natural effortless sound with the ability to produce staggering impact if required. From a recording engineers stand point, complete honesty superb resolution and imaging make the HR1 a very valuable tool in making exceptional sounding mixes. If you play something that is superbly recorded there are truly no limits to how great it can sound.

Despite the HR1’s imposing footprint, they faithfully reproduce music in stunning detail. There is NO hype.


Ocean Way Audio HR1 System. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR1 System. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR1 System. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio HR1 System. Click to enlarge.


HF Driver:A pair of 2” aluminum direct radiating domes
Mid Range Radial Horns:A pair of 40 degree by 90 degree 400Hz dual cross firing throats with 5 3” diaphragm drivers
Mid Bass Enclosures:43”x33”x84” approx. 310lbs Two cabinets per channel Front loaded horn 40 degree by 90 degree each with dual 15” bass woofers
Sub Bass Enclosures:32”x24”x32” approx. 220lbs Two cabinets per channel each with dual 15” woofers
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz ±2dB
Dimensions:84” W x 108” H x 36”D
Weight1,100 lbs.