Experiencing Audio Bliss at High End Munich 2018

By May 22, 2018OWA News

We’re back from the High End Munich 2018 show, and we can genuinely say that it was one of the best and most successful convention experiences we’ve ever had. There’s something wonderful about being immersed in a sea of people who hold the act of listening in such high regard, and it’s a chance for us to have our Ocean Way Audio products astound people, many of whom had never previously had the opportunity to experience our speakers in person.

With a Little Help from our Friends
One of the things that led to our having had such a fantastic show was sharing our booth space with our good friends at Viola Audio Laboratories. That allowed us to pair our acclaimed and award-winning speaker products with their outstanding pre-amplifier and power amplifier products for a listening experience in our booth that will not soon be forgotten by anyone who visited and got a demo.

Outside of our demo room, a 20′ wall covering told people they were in the right place to hear the finest audio products at the show.


Our main focus at the show were our latest high-fidelity speakers, the Monterey and Eureka. Inside of our demo room, various kinds of audio content (a.k.a. music) was played through our systems, with separate pre-amplifiers that allowed us to individually demo each set of speakers. While the Monterey and Eureka were uniformly well received, it didn’t hurt that Ocean Way Audio founder, the legendary Allen Sides, was there in person to run the demos. Most of the booth visitors seemed to be well aware that Allen, in his role as an audio engineer, had been an integral part of making some of the best-selling and highly-respected recordings in history.

The view while entering the Ocean Way Audio/Viola Labs demo room. It was a soundproofed area where booth visitors could get a real sense of the power of our respective speaker and amplification products.

Once inside the demo room, people listened intently as we ran various types of program material through our Monterey and Eureka speaker systems. 


All in all, High End Munich 2018 could not have gone better for us at Ocean Way. If you’re interested in scheduling a demo of any of our products, contact us at 818-847-8757 or email at info@oceanwayaudio.com.

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