Eureka: Beautifully Designed, High Quality and Affordable for Home Listening Environments

At a Glance:

  • Outstanding dynamics, clearly defined, balanced sonic imagery
  • Greater detail and refinement, no conventional speaker of its size can rival
  • Listen to the thrilling sound qualities of Eureka and strike gold!

The Ocean Way Audio Sound Comes Home

Eureka joins the Ocean Way® Audio family as a beautifully designed, high quality and affordable loudspeaker. Our engineers have achieved new ways to reproduce greater detail and refinement in a smaller physical design. We’ve innovated superior ways of reproducing music with realism and vitality.

Five time Grammy® Award winning Allen Sides has personally recorded over 1,000 albums, many of which have become audiophile classics. He has worked with the finest and most famous artists of the last three decades. Albums recorded in Mr. Sides’ studios have sold hundreds of millions of copies. Allen’s hearing capabilities enables our engineers to translate every sonic nuance, bringing a new dimension and understanding to what is possible in high-end speaker design. His ears are our final design tool.

The effects of our careful engineering are impressive, and resulted in outstanding dynamics, precision of delivery, clearly defined sonic imagery that no conventional speaker of its size can rival. Eureka’s cabinetry is available in a variety of finishes making Eureka appropriate and accessible in your choice of listening environments.

While maintaining the distinctive recognizable form of our award winning Sausalito, Eureka’s size is physically smaller, while maintaining substantial bass response. The cabinet walls are braced to create a very inert enclosure. The same drivers are found in our other high end speakers with all parts chosen through rigorous listening trials.

In a crowded field, the Eureka demonstrates true value allowing the audiophile to distinguish themselves based on quality and performance, not price. As with all Ocean Way Audio speakers, Eureka has our signature pinpoint imaging, clear definition, sonic delicacy and shocking dynamics that can be heard from whisper quiet to shattering crescendos.


Ocean Way Audio Eureka (Rosewood). Click to enlarge.


Driver Configuration:2-way reflex
HF Driver:1″ Silk fabric dome / Ferrofluid
LF Driver:8” aluminum cone
Frequency Range:35Hz-24 kHz +/- 3db
Efficiency:87.5dB SPL re: 1W @ 1 Meter
Recommended Amplification Power (Minimum):50 watts/channel
Enclosure:Composite, Walnut veneer matte finish
Dimensions:11.5”W x 17.5”H x 17.5″D
Weight45 lbs.

All specifications subject to change without notice.