Ocean Way Audio got its start creating customized loudspeaker systems for the most crucial listening environments: world-class recording studios. Throughout our history, we’ve been involved in creating speaker configurations for everything from high-end home theater systems to commercial theaters, personal studios, private screening rooms, and more.

How It Works
Ocean Way founder Allen Sides, the multiple Grammy-winning audio engineer and system designer, often personally visits the location where the audio system will be installed. Along with our staff and local installation specialists, Allen will put together a design specification to recommend a customized configuration of speakers based on the size of the area and other factors.

Available Worldwide
We work with highly-regarded audio systems installers in locations around the world to create the very best home theater and music creative environments available today. Each installation is specified individually, and can involve a combination of our award-winning loudspeaker products and components that are custom built to fully take advantage of the area’s sonic nuances.

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Riviera Theater (Santa Barbara, CA)

Home Theater (Private Residence, Santa Barbara, CA)

Home Theater (Beach House, Santa Barbara, CA)