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Pro2A Reference Monitor “Quick Review” in Audio Video SA

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Our Pro2A Reference Monitor just received an outstanding review in Audio Video SA, one of South Africa’s leading resources of audio and video product news and information. You can read the entire review here.

In the succinct review, writer Deon Schoeman says, “Seated in the listening chair, less than 2m away from the speakers, I was astounded by the openness and accessibility of the sound, which seemed completely devoid of any identifiable point source. The music image was spread wide and deep, with an uncanny ability to pinpoint the exact location of each voice and instrument on the soundstage. As clichéd as the description may be, the sound was believably, immersively three-dimensional. I had expected the Pro2A’s to be clinically precise and unflinchingly revealing, and yes, they did open up a big, wide window on the music. But there was nothing uncompromising or overly analytical about the delivery: the sound had an almost tactile presence and an engaging realism that made the music come alive.”

The Ocean Way Audio Pro2A is available now at your Ocean Way dealer or international distributor.

HR3.5 Monitor System with A-4100 Amplifier Nominated for 2019 TEC Award

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Since its establishment in 1985, the TEC Awards have honored the very best in both the technologies and creativity that go into the world of professional audio. Ocean Way Audio is very proud to have been nominated again for the 34th annual TEC Awards, this time for the combination of our HR3.5 Reference Monitor and our A-4100 Amplifier. The awards ceremony will be held in January 2019 in conjunction with the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Voting for the TEC Award winners will commence later this year.

“We are very excited to have the HR3.5/A-4100 system included in the TEC Award nominations,” says Allen Sides, founder and CEO of Ocean Way Audio. “We truly believe that with this system, we’ve created the perfect high-end monitoring solution that is still affordable for professional recording and monitoring environments.”

The HR3.5 Reference Monitor is a stand-alone or soffit-mounted monitor speaker that delivers a frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz with a solid SPL of 120db. It incorporates an integrated 2-way dual-horn system with a l” HF and 8″ MF drivers, mechanically time-aligned with twin 12″ sub-bass drivers per channel. Powering the HR3.5 system are Ocean Way Audio’s state-of-the-art A-4100 amplifiers, offering both analog and digital inputs, 96 kHz and 24 bit sampling, tri-amped delivering 3,400 watts per channel of pure power. At the heart of the acoustic design is OWA’s geometrically-complex, stone-casted dual/hybrid waveguide system.

Visit here for a complete list of this year’s TEC Award technical nominees.

Pearl Drums Turns to Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 System

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Founded in 72 years ago in 1946, Pearl is one of the world’s most respected drum and percussion product manufacturers. Over the years, many of the world’s most highly acclaimed drummers have turned to Pearl for their innovative products. At their US headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, the company made a smart move by building their own recording studio for the purposes of creating audio/video content that helps promote their products. As a musical instrument designer and manufacturer, it was of utmost importance that their promotional audio samples and video demos truly allowed the listener to hear the advantages offered by Pearl’s products, which are so plentiful that it made more economic sense to build their own recording facility than go to outside studios for each recording session.

When the Pearl Drums studio chose an Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 system, we wanted to know why, so we spoke with Mike Ferriss, Pearl Corporation’s Studio Director/Special Projects Manager.

Where did you first hear about the HR3.5?
I heard about the HR3.5’s from Chad over at Vintage King. We had been auditioning different systems at our new studio and nothing seemed to be working. Most larger systems have sub-added packages, and I am not a big fan of the separate sub cabinet. Once we had gone through all the options in Nashville, I suggested that we should attend the A.E.S. show in Los Angeles, thinking most of the manufacturers would be there. After a long day on the floor listening to what must have been 25 different systems, we finally came upon the Ocean Way booth. I was amazed at the clarity and imaging I was hearing in a trade show hall. Allan (Sides, Ocean Way founder) was playing some of his great recordings, and everything was right there. It sounded perfect. Just what I had been looking for.

Had you had previous experiences with Ocean Way monitoring systems?
I had tried out a set of the HR4S that Vintage King had on site. But again, I am not a big fan of the separate sub cabinet. The imaging was very good, but the feel was a little different in our studio. These are very good monitors, but for Pearl Drums we wanted to create an experience for the artist. I wanted to make sure that when they sat down to listen to a session that the raw rough mix was undeniable. That the artist felt great about what they were hearing and excited to create more content. We work with some of the greatest drummers in the world, and I wanted to make sure that the playback was comparable to their talent.

Ocean Way’s Allen Sides (middle) visits the Nashville headquarters and recording studios for Pearl Drums. Joining him is (left) Terry West, President of Pearl Corporation US, and (right) Mike Farriss, Studio Director & Special Projects Manager.

What about the HR3.5 makes it the right choice for the Pearl studio?
Drums are an incredibly exciting instrument to record. You have the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, and every frequency in-between. You have beautiful clean tones coming from the toms, and the white noise of stacked cymbals. When you sit behind a set of Pearl drums, you have between 100 to 180 degrees of percussive components surrounding you. The ability to accurately reproduce the sounds and tones, in space, with the drummer’s prospective in mind, requires a very specific tool. The HR3.5’s reproduce this experience in a way that is accurate and exciting. When working with the best musicians, you need the best products. And we have had many wonderful comments from our artists about the quality of sound reproduction and the incredible imaging of these monitors.

Tell me more about what Pearl does at the studio.
We built the studio at Pearl Drums because of the ever-changing needs of our marketing department. With the Internet and social media demanding more content, it became clear that we needed a facility to create and control our image to the public. The content we create is featured on Pearl’s YouTube channel. This, however, is not its only use. Content is available for dealers, and is a useful tool in the marketing of our products through their stores. Some content is for products that cannot be heard because of packaging. There is also educational content for consumers to help grow additional markets. Some content exists simply for entertainment. We want kids to know how much fun drumming is. The most important aspects of all the above uses is that our products look good and sound good. You get one chance for a first impression, so you better make the best of it.

How did things go with the installation of the HR3.5 and integrating them into your system?
The installation was very easy. It integrated perfectly into our existing system. All that was needed was the standard height and spacing requirements for monitors in any control room setup. In all honesty, the HR3.5’s made obvious a few flaws with our control room, but these were very easily fixed. And that brings up another great feature with the HR3.5’s. These monitors are driven by Ocean Way’s own A-4100 DSP amplifiers. The A-4100’s feature a few factory-installed presets based off of information gathered during the factory testing. This will allow you a few options to help fine-tune to your listening environment. If you should run into problems caused by the design of your control room, the DSP allows for custom tuning options to offset some problems you may encounter. With proper testing and shared information, a custom program can be created for your specific control room environment.

ADG Products CEO Alberto Guerra in front of an Ocean Way Audio Monterey speaker at T.H.E. Show 2018.

AudioHead Recaps T.H.E. Show

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AGD Productions CEO Alberto Guerra in front of an Ocean Way Audio Monterey speaker at T.H.E. Show 2018.

Writing for AudioHead, Bryan Beasley took a trip to The Home Entertainment Show, aka T.H.E. Show, in Irvine, CA last weekend, and documented his experiences. He seems to have enjoyed himself overall, but he made it clear that his highlight of the show was wandering into Room 312, where Ocean Way Audio was exhibiting along with our friends at AGD Productions.

“Eventually, I found my way into the AGD Productions room. There I was seduced by the sweet amber light of the AGD Vivace GaNTube MonoBlock amplifier. With Allen Sides’ Ocean Way Audio speakers attached, the system was humming and had pulled a packed room. Allen, a multi-grammy award winning producer, was basically DJ’ing. Showing the range of the setup, he pushed and pulled between classical, standards and good old rock-n-roll. With a tap of the shoulder, Alberto Guerra, AGD’s CEO, introduce himself to me. Alberto, with his smooth Italian accent, took me on an in-depth tech walkabout explaining the magic of the GaNTube sound. Most of it went over my head, but what I do know is that the system truly had a complex intensity – I loved it.”

Bryan also got to hear the story of when Alberto from AGD first met Ocean Way Audio CEO Allen Sides.

“It wasn’t until Alberto saw the wall filled with Platinum Albums (from the likes of Sinatra, Diamond, Manilow, and Aerosmith) all engineered and mixed by Allen, that he realized he’d just passed the ultimate audiophile test. I’m very much looking forward to what these two have in store for us in the near future.”

Read Bryan’s entire article on T.H.E. Show here.

Butler University's studio with Ocean Way HR3.5 main monitors.

Butler University Chooses Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 Monitoring System

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Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Butler University is a highly respected private educational institution that offers over 60 major academic fields of study in six colleges. At the College of Communication, Technical Services Coordinator Mark Harris was tasked with helping to put together a new state-of-the-art recording facility. The new room, which began construction last year and is now fully operational, makes use of an Ocean Way Audio HR3.5 system for its large main monitors.

We spoke to Mark to get his thoughts on the HR3.5.

What was it about the HR3.5 that made it the right choice for your control room environment?
In our previous configuration, we had inferior monitoring due to both our room acoustics and the fairly expensive second-hand main speakers that we were using. Our mixes would often be bottom heavy because we weren’t hearing certain frequencies in the mix. We knew that correcting our acoustics would make a major difference, but we wanted to choose monitors that would provide us with a true full frequency response and give us an honest representation of the music that we were working with. The Ocean Way HR3.5 monitors were recommended to us by several trusted engineers and had the features that we were looking for.

What are your initial first impressions now that the speakers are installed and in use?
I think our installation engineer put it best when he told us that we were in trouble with the Ocean Way monitors. He said that he was listening to a favorite album through them and was hearing parts that he never knew were there before. It’s amazing how each frequency rings clear and true at any volume. When comparing the Ocean Way HR3.5 monitors to the other speakers that we have in all of our project rooms side by side, the HR 3.5 monitors really show the shortcomings of what we had considered to be “good” speakers.

Butler University's studio with Ocean Way HR3.5 main monitors.

How was the overall experience working with Ocean Way in choosing/getting the speakers?
We have had excellent customer service from the start with everyone at Ocean Way. They’ve helped us from the time of purchase with the entire setup process, including speaker stand selection and height adjustment of our monitors to get the best performance in our environment.

What are some of the types of projects typically done at the Butler studios?
Our student projects range from recordings of university ensembles such as the Butler Symphony Orchestra, Jazz and Percussion Ensembles to independent student projects that range from singer/songwriters to alternative rock bands. Our record label, Indy Blue Entertainment works with a wide variety of groups to record and produce samplers, EP and demo tracks to further their careers.

Did you bring in an acoustician to set up and tune the room?
Our Acoustical Engineer is Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick Designs. He is submitting our room to Mix Magazine for their Class of 2018 issue and we will be touting Ocean Way along with API and Sound Construction Supply in our submission. He was in yesterday to listen to the acoustics of the room and when he was done, turned around and said, “Why would you ever listen to any other monitors?”

Learn more about Butler University at their web site.

T.H.E. Show 2018

Visit Ocean Way Audio at T.H.E. Show, June 1-3

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If you’re into the world’s finest systems for home entertainment, then we want to be sure that T.H.E. Show is on your calendar for next week! Held from June 1-3, 2018 in Irvine, CA, The Home Entertainment Show connects music, entertainment and tech aficionados, trade professionals and media from around the world in an integrated state-of-the-art exhibit showcasing the latest products and innovations from industry-leading brands.

Ocean Way Audio will be there in Room 312 as a showcased brand, exhibiting along with our friends at ADG Productions, makers of high-end amplifiers products. If you’re coming to T.H.E. Show, you’ll get to experience our Monterey loudspeaker in person. Monterey offers a proprietary 3-way dual/hybrid waveguide system, with an ultra-wide horizontal sweet-spot and rich detail across a broad area of the listening zone. Monterey’s twin 12” LF drivers with ported enclosure deliver solid, ample and tight bass response, and these audiophile-quality speakers are available in many custom finishes, from piano high gloss to fine woods. For more information on Monterey, call us at 818-847-8757 or email

Tickets to T.H.E. Show are available on their site, with both single-day and full show passes available. Hope to see you there!

The Home Entertainment Show
June 1-3, 2018
Marriott Irvine Spectrum
7905 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618

Steve Aoki’s New Custom OWA Speakers

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Steve Aoki is one of the most acclaimed and successful EDM musician/producers in history, and the place he makes his magic is a personal studio called the Neon Future Cave. Steve had already turned to Ocean Way Audio for a pair of customized HR3X monitors. Last week, he took delivery of another special pair of studio monitors with an Ocean Way Audio HR4S monitor system.

Steve wanted his new HR4S monitors to not only match the decor of his room in white with blue accents, but also asked for an extra level of customization to better inspire his work. We went to our friends at West Coast Customs, whose operations are close to us in Burbank, CA. They’re famous, of course, for their custom car designs, and have been featured on a number of TV series including Pimp My Ride, Street Customs and more. They did the custom finishing on the HR4S monitors and embellished the speakers with Aoki’s famous silhouette logo. West Coast Customs had previously done the customized finishing of Steve’s larger HR3X monitors, so the look was perfectly matched.

Steve Aoki’s custom HR4S monitor system, with graphics by West Coast Customs.

The Ocean Way Audio HR4 offers a proprietary 2-way compression-driven hybrid horn/waveguide system, and delivers an ultra-wide horizontal sweet-spot with rich detail across a broad area of the listening zone. It provides an unmatched ultra-wide 100-degree horizontal / 40-degree vertical dispersion, with a response from 35Hz to 25kHz. The main speakers are powered at 250 watts/side, with digital  and analog inputs, accepting 24bit / 192kHz data streams. With the HR4S option, the system expands to include a pair of 800 watt/side 12” ported full-range subwoofers.

Many of Ocean Way Audio’s monitors for both professional audio and hi-fi are available with special and customized finish options. Contact us at 818-847-8757 or email for details.

Experiencing Audio Bliss at High End Munich 2018

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We’re back from the High End Munich 2018 show, and we can genuinely say that it was one of the best and most successful convention experiences we’ve ever had. There’s something wonderful about being immersed in a sea of people who hold the act of listening in such high regard, and it’s a chance for us to have our Ocean Way Audio products astound people, many of whom had never previously had the opportunity to experience our speakers in person.

With a Little Help from our Friends
One of the things that led to our having had such a fantastic show was sharing our booth space with our good friends at Viola Audio Laboratories. That allowed us to pair our acclaimed and award-winning speaker products with their outstanding pre-amplifier and power amplifier products for a listening experience in our booth that will not soon be forgotten by anyone who visited and got a demo.

Outside of our demo room, a 20′ wall covering told people they were in the right place to hear the finest audio products at the show.


Our main focus at the show were our latest high-fidelity speakers, the Monterey and Eureka. Inside of our demo room, various kinds of audio content (a.k.a. music) was played through our systems, with separate pre-amplifiers that allowed us to individually demo each set of speakers. While the Monterey and Eureka were uniformly well received, it didn’t hurt that Ocean Way Audio founder, the legendary Allen Sides, was there in person to run the demos. Most of the booth visitors seemed to be well aware that Allen, in his role as an audio engineer, had been an integral part of making some of the best-selling and highly-respected recordings in history.

The view while entering the Ocean Way Audio/Viola Labs demo room. It was a soundproofed area where booth visitors could get a real sense of the power of our respective speaker and amplification products.

Once inside the demo room, people listened intently as we ran various types of program material through our Monterey and Eureka speaker systems. 


All in all, High End Munich 2018 could not have gone better for us at Ocean Way. If you’re interested in scheduling a demo of any of our products, contact us at 818-847-8757 or email at

Ocean Way Gets Ready for High End Munich 2018

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It’s still almost two months away, but there’s no better time than the present for audiophiles and other music lovers to start getting ready for the High End Munich 2018 show. Ocean Way Audio will be there as we have in previous years, showing off the world’s finest speaker products available to humanity! A visit to the Ocean Way booth will also allow you to see the hot new offerings from our friends at Viola Labs, with whom we’re sharing booth space.

At the 2018 High End Munich show, visitors will be able to get an in-person demo of our high-fidelity speaker products, including the remarkable Ocean Way Monterey. Like all Ocean Way speaker products, Monterey is designed by five-time Grammy® Award-winning engineer, producer, and recording studio designer Allen Sides. His hearing capabilities enables our engineers to translate every sonic nuance, bringing a new dimension and understanding to what is possible in high-end speaker design. Monterey incorporates an integrated two-way dual-horn system with a 1” HF and 8” MF drivers, mechanically time-aligned with twin 12” sub-bass drivers per channel. The system delivers accurately-matched and detailed imaging with our unusually wide signature 100×40-degree horizontal and vertical dispersion, yielding a massive sweet-spot across a broad area of the listening environment. The consistency of Monterey’s stereo image, even at the far corners of the room, is due to the highly-consistent directivity response of this unique and powerful speaker system.

Another hi-fi speaker you’ll be able to see — and, more importantly hear — in person is the Ocean Way Eureka. It offers outstanding dynamics, precision of delivery, clearly defined sonic imagery that no conventional speaker of its size can rival. Eureka’s cabinetry is available in a variety of finishes making Eureka appropriate and accessible in your choice of listening environments. Plus, Eureka is proof positive that a super high-end speaker can still be within the budget of serious audio fanatics.

If you’re attending High End Munich 2018, please make sure that the Ocean Way Audio/Viola Labs booth is on the top of your list of destinations at the show!

RM1-B Ribbon Mic TEC Award: Voting is Open

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We’re very proud that our RM1-B Ribbon Microphone has been nominated for a TEC Award. For those of you who don’t know the TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Award is perhaps the most prestigious honor given to the creators of professional audio equipment, and the RM1-B is one of this year’s nominees in the “Microphones – Recording” category.

All pro audio and music industry professionals are eligible to vote, and as a fan or user of Ocean Way Audio products, you almost certainly meet the criteria. We respectfully request that if you’re going to vote for an innovative, high-quality microphone, the RM1-B offers the greatest magnetic field strength ever available in a ribbon mic, with an all discrete circuit and an output level comparable to the quietest condenser mics. We’d appreciate your vote for the RM1-B… why not do it now?