After doing a short “quick review” last fall, Audio Video SA has just come out with a complete and thorough review of our compact yet extraordinary Ocean Way Audio Pro2A Studio Monitor. Well written by audio expert and editor Deon Schoeman, you can read the entire review here, and check out some snippets below.

“Close your eyes, and it’s impossible to pin-point where the monitors are relative to the soundstage – and predictably they sound much larger and more tonally generous than the actual devices.”

“The Pro2As may be compact, but they were well up to the challenge of recreating (Jean-Michel) Jarre’s vast and intricately rendered soundscapes. Not only that, but they were able to unravel the density and complexity of the music in a way that was almost magically revealing.”

“In fact, overall tonality was remarkably neutral, with a linearity that extended from low to high with a natural eloquence that contributed to the realism and believability of the music. Upper trebles were crisp and lucid, imparting precision and accuracy, but steering clear of becoming harsh or fatiguing.”

“They not only offer exceptional tonal breadth and dimensionality, but thanks to their carefully matched on-board amplification, also have the pace, punch and attack to match.”

Get more information and see our full specifications on the Pro2A here.

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