The AeroWave® system is now available as the AW9090 (90×90) and AW9045 (90×45) degree system.

At a Glance:

  • AeroWave is the first of its kind, ever, to offer true, pristine, interference-free, high-fidelity stereo sound for large audiences.
  • AeroWave is the world’s first-ever high-efficiency, fully-horn- loaded, high-powered, single-source, high-fidelity, large-venue sound source with engineered and fully-dependable acoustic directivity in both vertical and horizontal directions. Constant- directivity is achieved for virtually the entire bandwidth of use. The human race has never before had such a capable means of amplifying the sonic arts.
  • AeroWave technology is a truly malleable sound system concept, allowing full system scaling in terms of max spl and directivity- control. This is accomplished by proprietary means of coherently combining the outputs of multiple drivers so they truly act like a single point source.
  • Elegant simplicity of operation: Every driver in an AeroWave system receives the same amount of electrical power in its range of use. Only a master DSP is used for system balancing, calibration and voicing. In contrast, byzantine signal-processing systems of per-box and even per-device processing (level, eq, delay, etc) are needed to “correct” unavoidable device-to-device interference effects for pretty much for all modern line arrays. AeroWave’s overall simplicity contributes to its pristine sound quality and ease of operation.
  • AeroWave systems can be designed to cover an entire audience seating area from multiple locations. Thus true full-audience stereo and stereo-with-center-image (LCR) can be finally achieved, for the first time ever.

Ocean Way Sound for Live Performance Venues

Ocean Way Audio is a leader in creating elite sound systems for the finest recording studios. Now it has invented and developed a world’s-first technology for creating the same elite listening experience for large audiences. Recently installed at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara, industry experts gushed over witnessing AeroWave’s sonic beauty (“a breakthrough” and “impossible”) and a modern reviewer suggested its graceful arced lines was ready for the Museum of Modern Art. The system is clearly set apart from everything else used today, both sonically and visually.

For Ocean Way founder and owner (and multi-Grammy-awarded) Allen Sides, AeroWave® is a dream realized. Long disappointed in mixing live shows for selected artists, he now has a sound system to work with that is so much like that of a great recording studio, especially in being able to present stereo to an entire audience area. To date, this has never been accomplished.

AeroWave is available exclusively from American Music & Sound.

GLL files for the Ocean Way Audio AeroWave AW9045, AW9090, and S218AW Subwoofer can be downloaded below.

S218AW Subwoofer for AeroWave®

The S218AW sub was designed with live sound in mind and to integrate perfectly with our AeroWave system.

The S218AW delivers some of the tightest most defined bass of any sub currently manufactured while still going down flat to 20Hz. The S218AW is relatively compact in size without sacrificing outstanding performance. AeroWave AW9045 system uses four S218AW in a stereo configuration and AeroWave AW9090 system uses six S218AW in a stereo configuration. When the subs are flown (without the floor loading) additional subs will be required depending on the venue.

S218AW Subwoofer Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-120Hz
  • Max SPL: 128db
  • Weights and Dimensions: 190 lbs. ea, 53” W x 30” max D x 20” H ea


Ocean Way Audio AeroWave AW9045. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio AeroWave AW9045. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio AeroWave AW9045. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio AeroWave AW9045. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio S218AW subwoofer. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio S218AW subwoofer. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio AeroWave AW9045. Click to enlarge.
AeroWave Logo Graphic. Click to enlarge.
Ocean Way Audio AeroWave. Click to enlarge.
AeroWave system at Granada Theater (Santa Barbara, CA). Click to enlarge.


Models:AW9090 System, AW9045 System
Type of Device:Complete HF/LF horn system
Coverage Vertical:AW9090: 90 degrees, AW9045: 45 degrees
Range of Vertical*:AW9090: 85Hz-20kHz, AW9045: 317Hz-20kHz
Coverage Horizontal:AW9090: 90 degrees, AW9045: 90 degrees
Range of Horizontal*:AW9090: 280Hz-20kHz, AW9045: 280-20kHz
Frequency Range:AW9090: 40Hz-20kHz, AW9045: 70-20kHz
LF Power Handling:AW9090: 12,000W, AW9045: 6,000W
LF Power Gain:AW9090: 40.8dB. AW9045: 37.8dB
HF Power Handling:AW9090: 2,400W, AW9045: 1,200W
HF Power Gain:AW9090: 33.8dB. AW9045: 30.8dB
LF Drivers:AW9090: (20) 10” cone, AW9045: (10) 10” cone, horn
HF Drivers:AW9090: (30) 1” Exit CD, AW9045: (15) 1’ Exit CD
Subwoofer:AW9090: S218AW (2) 18”, AW9045: S218AW (2) 18”
Typical Sub XO:AW9090: 80Hz, AW9045: 80Hz
Dimensions (AW9090):176”H x 48”W x 58”D
Dimensions (AW9045):87”H x 48”W x 37”D
Weight:AW9090: 950 lbs., AW9045: 450 lbs.
*Below this range, coverage gets progressively wider (a function of device size)

All specifications subject to change without notice.