Cliff Henricksen, Ocean Way Audio’s Director of New Technology, has created a completely unique Ribbon Mic with amazing performance like no other!” – Allen Sides, five-time Grammy® award-winning engineer/producer.

A “classic large-format bidirectional ribbon mic” with advanced, high-intensity magnetics and integral phantom-powered preamplifier giving very low noise and spectrally-balanced output. The microphone includes a standard Yoke mount. As an optional accessory, a novel subsonic-tuned shock mount pictured above is also available. Output is beautiful-sounding, but also very dependable. The user just sets levels and can record with confidence in the results.

  • The Cliff Mics RM1 has the greatest magnetic force ever available in a Ribbon Mic
  • Unique design optimizes the physical structure around the ribbon
  • High intensity NeO-powered magnet super-circuit delivers 6dB more level
  • Super-audiophile 1st stage preamp with all discrete circuit
  • Output level comparable to quietest condenser mics
  • Completely natural unaffected sound with full bandwidth in both directions

Download RM1 Info PDF  Download RM1-B Info PDF

The Artist’s Microphone

The RM1 microphone was designed, developed and engineered by pro-audio transducer inventor and technologist Cliff Henricksen. Cliff’s “one foot on the bandstand, one foot in the lab” musical life gives a balanced leftbrain/rightbrain approach to creating useful, technically-advanced and beautiful-sounding tools for all artists in the sound arts. The microphones are machined and assembled exclusively in America.

The RM1 was created to improve on well-known qualities of “large-format ribbon microphones”, namely low sensitivity (leading to a noisy processed signal), dull spectral output and difficult p-pop response. This microphone, we feel, is Beautiful, SuperQuiet® and Everlasting.

The RM1 sounds beautiful

The RM1’s diaphragm is made from exquisitely-thin aluminum. It vibrates in a very intense magnetic field, creating unusually high output. The diaphragm’s output is amplified by a carefully-engineered and artistically-voiced, ultra-low-noise phantom-powered preamplifier, developed in collaboration with the LR Baggs Company of Nipomo, California. This combination gives the user a true plug-and-play setup that rarely needs equalization, even in complex ensemble mixes. The goal of “normal sound” (i.e., “high fidelity”) is a pleasant (and very useful) surprise to the first-time user. Integration of “SuperQuiet®” technology assures sonic purity, free of unwanted noise (see below).

The Grill and Pop-Filter System

A two-stage acoustically-transparent, non-resonant debris and pop/explosives filter system prevents the usual artifact of close-proximity pickup for vocals and instruments: First-stage, non-metallic, non-resonant protective grille of physically-tough, open-air, woven Nylon-Spandex™. Second-stage, integral, internal, sheer-knit, acoustically-transparent pop/debris filter also improves lose vocal applications and added ribbon protection. Using an RM1, an artist can simply go to work and not have to think about “technical issues” involving sonic aesthetics (Equalization and p-pop signal overload).

The RM1 looks beautiful

Aluminum case components are softened and matte-surfaced/softened as part of the manufacturing process and finished with an attractive but unassuming hard-anodize outer coating.  The first-stage grille is stretched so that it exhibits a graceful geometric form and pleasing color.  The microphone was designed as a pure “Form Follows Function” creation.


Output: 36dB, 20-20,000Hz
Materials and finishes used in the RM1:
  1. Neodymium permanent magnets (plated) and pure-iron conductor-elements with electro-less nickel-plating.
  2. Aluminum case and all external hardware: Alloy aluminum, “hard-anodized”.
  3. All stainless steel fasteners, rod-end bearing, and inner pop/debris filter frames
  4. Other: All stainless steel fasteners, rod-end bearing, and inner pop/debris filter frames.
  5. Miscellaneous: Brass, silicon rubber, nylon, nylon/spandex fabric, “nautical-grade” elastomeric suspension elements.
  6. Consumables: Grilles, pop filters with integral stainless steel frames, suspension elements, ribbon diaphragm.
Warranty: 5 years on all parts and manufacturing integrity. Ribbon warranty 90 days from purchase. RM1 is fully repairable and rebuildable.
Dimensions: 6”H x 3”W x 2”D.
Weight: 7.5lb (3.4 kg)
Integral preamplifier: LR Baggs preamp requires standard 48v phantom power via XLR connector, draws about 8ma (4ma per side).
Integral cable assembly: 24” (0.64m) Gotham GAC3 cable, integral compression strain relief and gold-plated Neutrik cable-mount XLRM.
Accessories: ISO1 subsonic-tuned isolation boom-mount (optional), yoke-mount (standard). All with standard 5/8”- 27 female mic-stand thread. A Pelican 1300 or an SKB 3i-0907-6b-L 6 case holds and protects the mic for transport.
Use Note: 12”-18” a good working distance for normal vocals (closer gives proximity bass-boost). Excellent for just about any instrument, except nearfield kick drum and nearfield bass guitar speaker pickup (LF will harm the ribbon)..
Origin: Proudly hand-made in the United States of America.

See for additional information about the RM1 including application notes, design details, an extensive collection of recordings on Soundcloud (48k/24b) and lots of good reading in general.