Mon_test-06Ocean Way Audio is proud to introduce Montecito, the newest member of our high bandwidth, wide dispersion reference speaker systems. Montecito represents the next step forward from our award winning AS1, presenting increased dynamic range and efficiency in an aesthetically appealing profile.

As with all our speaker systems, Montecito allows listeners to move around the room and hear the same natural, open, and accurate image in every location. Come hear why Montecito has exceeded all of our expectations, and why it very well might be the ultimate representation of our sonic philosophy.
Montecito design characteristics:

  • Very wide dynamic range with the ability to produce very loud levels with low distortion.
  • Very defined bass flat to 30Hz.
  • Overall frequency response 30Hz to 24 kHz within a 3db envelope.
  • Matched pair frequency response generally within plus or minus .5db of each other.
  • Ultra high quality passive crossover allowing the system to be driven by a single high power amplifier with the option for bi-wiring.
  • Equalization adjustments within the passive crossover allow us to perfectly match each set of components.
  • 6db greater efficiency and exceptionally wide dispersion accomplished by the fast flair rate of our HF waveguide.
  • Physical voice coil alignment between HF and MF components provide symmetrical and linear time alignment.
  • Our HF unit voice coil is encased in ferrofluid which yields increased power handling capacity and also dampens resonance in the HF dome for a much silkier, natural sound.
  • Our LF drivers’ huge magnets, cast frames, and aluminum cones allow us comfortable headroom at even the loudest levels with the same low distortion as the rest of the system.