Mix Magazine Reviews the RM1-B Ribbon Microphone

By May 9, 2017OWA News

In the May 2017 issue of Mix Magazine, reviewer Barry Rudolph — a respected Los Angeles-based audio engineer and educator — gave an excellent review of our RM1-B Ribbon Microphone. Barry took the RM1-B through its paces on a number of sources, including voiceover recording, acoustic guitar/vocal performance, electric guitar cabinet miking, and as room mics for drums.

After setting up two RM1-Bs in a Blumlein coincident stereo pair array, Barry reported, “This setup produced one of the best room sounds I’ve ever heard. I got a complete drum sound with loads of low frequencies – much more than using a condenser. The 24-inch kick sounded like it did in the room, and the toms and snare were all in balance and present.”

He concludes, “I was impressed by the ultra-realistic capture provided by Ocean Way Audio’s RM1-B Active Ribbon microphone. It is excellent for instruments or vocals — close in for medium to soft sources or for the ambient pickup of distant loud instruments such as drum kits or guitar/bass cabinets.”

You can see the entire review by enlarging the images below, or by seeing this month’s Mix Magazine issue online.

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