Ocean Way Audio offers a new understanding to what is possible
in professional high-end speaker design.

Recent News

LA/OC Audiophiles Gather at Ocean Way

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On Sunday June 25, we had the pleasure of hosting the Los Angeles & Orange Country Audio Society at our facilities in Burbank, CA for a special informal event. About 40…

Flashback: The Sound and History of Ocean Way Studios

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There’s a terrific blog post on the site of our friends at Universal Audio. The post has been up for quite some time, but it’s a wonderful story about how…

HR4s Head Down Under to Stefan Nowak Music

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Stefan Nowak is a respected musician and a studio owner. He’s operated his studio in various incarnations for over 25 years, and like many music creators,…

What People Say

The only big monitors I have found useful are the ones in Ocean Way. They sound amazing without being flattering. They are warm and musical as well as being practically useful, and are a joy to listen to.

Nigel GodrichProducer/Engineer (Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney)

The monitors Allen built for my private studio, which we used to mix the last Foo Fighters album, lets me hear my music the way I want: Very Loud and Very Clear.

Dave GrohlFoo Fighters, Nirvana

When you get serious about big monitors, these are the ones to get serious about.

George MassenburgEngineer/Producer (Earth, Wind & Fire, Linda Ronstadt)

I can’t think of any large monitor system I’d rather have in Skywalker Scoring Stage than Allen’s Ocean Way Monitors.

Leslie Ann JonesHead of Operations, George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch Scoring

Ocean Way Audio's accurate and expansive monitoring systems are equally impressive in every room.

Jack Joseph PuigEngineer/Producer (U2, Lady Gaga, Green Day)

Ocean Way Monitor Systems are the best speakers in LIFE!!!

Bruce SwedienEngineer (Michael Jackson)

Listening to music on these speakers is thrilling. I’ve been waiting 20 years to hear big monitors sound like this.

Ed CherneyEngineer/Producer (The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton)

If there’s anyone that knows how to build and get the most out of a set of monitors, it’s Allen Sides. These monitors will make you a better engineer.

Bernie GrundmanMastering Engineer